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Kate Upton reveals infamous Cat Daddy video wasn't meant to be public

It's hard to believe that just five years ago, Kate Upton wasn't yet a household name. The blonde bombshell was first signed in 2008, but it was a few years before major campaigns with labels like Dooney & Bourke and Guess, and, perhaps, her inaugural appearance in SI Swimsuit, skyrocketed her career. 

Known for both her eye-catching figure and bubbly personality, Kate has also been caught on camera busting a move on more than one occasion. Lucky for us, it was her impression of the "Dougie" at a LA Clippers game in 2011 that made her an instant Internet sensation and astronomically boosted her popularity overnight. 

So it should come as no surprise that when Terry Richardson was able to get Kate to do the "Cat Daddy" dance in a teeny-weeny bikini at a photo shoot in 2012, he didn't think twice of putting it online. But what the world didn't know, until this week, was that Kate was not a proponent of the video going viral. 

In an interview with Vogue UK, Kate explained that she was "horrified because the behind-the-scenes video had been filmed for fun," and was "not something she expected would make the final cut." Despite her in-the-moment anger, Kate admits that the video did nothing but bolster her international fame and even said "now, obviously, it's fine."

In case you've never seen the infamous video...

Kate, we know you may not have intended for your dance moves to help define your career, but we sure are thankful for this little gem! 

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