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Watch Kate Upton Bend Like a Pretzel in Her SI Swimsuit 2018 Outtakes

Kate Upton proves she is one flexible woman on set for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018. 

Is there anything Kate Upton isn't good at? She can dance. She can fall off a boulder gracefully. And as it turns out, she can also bend her body like a pretzel. 

What's that you say? It's time for some more Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 outtakes, and everyone's favorite blonde bombshell is up next. Shot by photographer Yu Tsai in beautiful Aruba, Kate's shoot was one we certainly won't soon forget. 

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Making of Swimsuit 2018
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By now you know about her tumble for the ages and the epic photo that proves it was all worth it, but what about the other hilarious moments you missed? From belching on set (and explaining her theory for why it happens) to bending her body like a pretzel, this is an outtakes reel you do not want to miss. 


To see all of the unforgettable moments, be sure to watch the video above. You can also catch BTS footage from our shoots dating back to 1994 on SI TV. Start your free seven-day trial on Amazon Channels now. 

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