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Kate Upton's Insane Hip Thrusts Prove She's the Queen of the Gym

Kate Upton's butt-toning move isn't for beginners. 

Kate Upton doing hip thrusts at the gym is nothing new. In fact, Instagram videos of the three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model doing that exact move are some of the best #fitspo around. 

But when Kate's personal trainer, Ben Bruno, posted a new video of the bombshell doing a supercharged version of the move last week, we couldn't help but watch in awe...again. 

Touting the workout as a pre-Oscars activity, Ben walked viewers through the steps involved in the advanced move and explained that the resistance band around Kate's thighs creates a new level of booty burn. 

Caution to beginners: This move is not for everyone! "Kate is super strong on hip thrusts so she makes it look easy," the trainer wrote on Instagram. "But start with no weight at first and then slowly increase the weight over time."

They say summer bodies are made in the winter... Guess we should start following in Kate's footsteps ASAP! 

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