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Way Back Wednesday: Kate Upton still mesmerizes in zero gravity

Kate Upton. Zero gravity. How could you EVER forget? 

Well on the off chance that our out-of-this-world shoot with America's favorite bombshell somehow slipped your mind, we're using Way Back Wednesday (#WBW) as the perfect excuse to dig up these pretty unbelievable photos once again. 

Not even the "immutable laws of physics" could keep our two-time SI Swimsuit cover model down. After conquering Antarctica just a year before, "we set our sights higher to a less terrestrial locale" and invited our readers to come along "as we experience[d] weightlessness on G-Force One." Talk about one EPIC shoot. 


So in an experience where "gravity falls away like a bathrobe before a hot tub," how is a swimsuit model meant to look sexy? Leave it to Kate to prove it can be done! Because while "weightlessness is a great leveler," we will all forever be inferior to the beauty of Kate Upton at zero-g. 

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