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IT'S OFFICIAL: Mia Kang wins Model Search competition, will appear in SI Swimsuit 2017


The polls are closed. The votes have been counted. And we're proud to announce Mia Kang as the winner of the 2016 SI Swimsuit Model Search competition!

In winning, Mia officially becomes the first model to be chosen for the 2017 SI Swimsuit issue. The competition featured six girls - Mia, Ebonee Davis, Caroline Kelly, Daniela Lopez, Kyra Santoro and Megan Willams - and the voting was close. But in the end, Mia won out and earned herself a coveted spot in next year's issue.


Not familiar with our newest model? Here's one unique fact: Mia is half-Korean and half-British, born and raised in Hong Kong, holds a Swiss passport and lives in New York City. Got all that? Here are five more things you need to know about Mia Kang.

1. She's smart. Very smart.

Mia isn't just a pretty face. She holds a Masters in Finance and Financial Law from the University of London. She stayed in London after school and worked as a a commodities trader while training to be a derivatives consultant. Then she gave all that up and returned to modeling. Good choice.


2. She can most definitely kick your ass.

Mia is currently I training in Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, and packs quite a punch. Don't believe me? Watch the Instagram video below.

3. She's also a lingerie model.

Just in case swimsuits aren't hot enough, Mia will be appearing in a campaign for Triumph Lingerie that will be out later this year.


4. She'd host a hell of a dinner party.

When asked who the three people she'd most like to have dinner with, she answered "Kim Jong Il, Stephen King and Oprah Winfrey." Can we Facebook Live that?


5. She's not as short as this photo implies.

Believe it or not, Mia is 5-foot-10. It's just that everyone looks short when standing next to someone who is 7-foot 9 (in this case, that person is basketball player Sun MingMing).


Dying to meet Mia? She'll be at the inaugural Sports Illustrated Summer of Swim Music & Fan Festival on Sunday! 


So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket and come experience SI Swimsuit like never before as we take over iconic Coney Island for a full day of fun. Get ready to meet some of the ladies you love, experience live music, stock up at the SI Swimsuit pop-up shop, and more. We hope to see you there!

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