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A look back at Molly Sims in the $30 million bikini

SI Swimsuit takes a look back at Molly Sims in a $30 million diamond bikini. 

SI Swimsuit models have worn all types of interesting outfits - everything from bedazzled bikini bottoms to a swimsuit made of guitar picks. When it comes to expensive swimwear, however, nothing beats Molly Sims' $30 million diamond bikini from the 2006 issue.


At the time, Molly was starring in the hit NBC show Las Vegas, so it only made sense to shoot her swimsuit photos in Sin City. But we at SI Swimsuit like to add some extra panache to our photo shoots and nothing says Las Vegas like a $30 million diamond bikini. The barely-there suit was designed by Steinmetz diamonds and remains our most expensive suit of all time.

As for the story that Tiger Woods bought the used bikini in 2009, we can't confirm or deny it. We just hope whoever owns it now is taking good care of it as there aren't a lot of $30 million bikinis in the world!

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