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Nina Agdal's guilty pleasure is the same as yours: 'a burger and a beer'

If you've ever seen Danish beauty Nina Agdal in our annual magazine or followed her super sexy Instagram account, you might find it hard to believe that the supermodel has any guilty pleasures. 


Notorious for sharing post-workout snaps and being vocal about her favorite workout routines—Tone House or SLT, anyone?—it's easy to understand why you'd be skeptical. But lo and behold, wouldn't you know that Nina shares more than just our love of a good joke or over-the-top prank. 

Nina Agdal still can't find her pants, and we're not complaining

In a new interview with StyleCaster, our favorite funny girl reveals that her guilty pleasure is simple: "a burger and a beer, with cheese." Talk about winning us bite at a time. 

Nina goes on to tell the fashion website that "looking good while [working out]" always gets her motivated to hit the gym, and she encourages travelers to avoid considering vacation as a break from the gym. "You should always get your sweat in for an hour."

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