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Rose Bertram is the sexy French teacher you always dreamed about

Ever wish you'd listened a little more in French class so that you could woo the woman of your dreams in a foreign language? Well, here's your chance to learn a few essential (and romantic) phrases!

Rookie Rose Bertram is not only a native of Belgium, but also a resident of Paris, so it's safe to say we trust her expertise when it comes to teaching French. Wondering how to say, "You are the most beautiful woman in the world?" Or how about something as simple as, "I love you!"? Rose is covering the basics with five phrases every man should know. 

And I mean, let's be real—who wouldn't want a teacher that looks as sexy as Rose?! 


So take notes as you watch the video above and feel free to play Rose on repeat until you master the words, "I cook and I clean." Oh wait, how did that one get in there? Bonne chance et au revoir! 

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