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You Need to See Alexis Ren in Nothing But a Bikini Bottom Made of Flowers

SI Swimsuit 2018 Rookie of the Year Alexis Ren rocks a flower bikini bottom.

What happens when you find little pink flowers on the set of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot? You get to wear them as a bikini bottom, duh!

Rookie of the Year Alexis Ren proved she looks good in absolutely anything by rocking this impromptu ensemble on the beaches of Aruba.

With the help of SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day, the look came to life for some pretty epic photos. "She sculpted my bush with flowers," Alexis joked.


Even photographer Yu Tsai joined the party, wearing his own take on Alexis' flower bottom while he was behind the camera.

"Yu Tsai kind of got jealous, I think," Alexis said, poking fun at the photographer. "He wanted to feel a little bit more included."

Even when the flowers started floating down into the water during the shoot, Alexis didn't miss a beat. Now that's some serious flower power.

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