Hannah Ferguson describes bull balls while eating the world's largest Rice Krispies treat in a barely-there bikini

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What's better than Hannah Ferguson talking about fishing, bull balls and growing up in small-town Texas? A video of Hannah talking about fishing, bull balls and growing up in small-town Texas, as she strips down to a skimpy bikini, plays with water guns, takes a bite from an oversized Rice Krispies treat, and skateboards. 

As it turns out, our Texas-loving, big-truck-driving blonde beauty appreciates a cheesy pickup line and has a few tips for how to pick up a woman of her caliber (we said that, not her, to be clear). And while it wasn't ideal for Hannah to have to eat 70 burgers in one sitting to create her infamous Carl's Jr. commercial, our favorite Texan does love a good piece of meat.

Seriously, we're talking about Hannah in a bikini...how have you not already hit play?  

Watch the video above—we insist. It's guaranteed to be the best two minutes of your day. 

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