Q&A: Katherine Webb-McCarron talks SI Swimsuit, Alabama football

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SwimDaily: It's been a couple years since you appeared in the SI Swimsuit Issue. How would you describe the experience?

Katherine Webb-McCarron: It was such a whirlwind for me at that point in my life that when I got the call to do Sports Illustrated -- I look back at it now and I wasn’t nearly excited as I should’ve been. I wasn’t in a place mentally or emotionally to take it in because everything was happening so fast. So I look at it now and think I should've soaked it in a little more at the shoot. I would’ve done everything I can to get the best shot. I probably would’ve prepared more physically for it. If I could do it again, I’d really take the time to have fun with everybody and soak it all in. And I’d absolutely love it again if they called me to shoot.

SD: Do you still get grief over half Auburn/half Alabama jersey?

KWM: Not as much anymore. Thankfully. We’re out of college football and that was a thing of the past. But occasionally often I’ll get called a “Barner,” which is what they call Auburn fans. But definitely not as much as I used to.


SD: How do you feel about Alabama winning a national championship this year?

KWM: ​I don’t know. It’s gonna be a tough one. I watched the game on TV and thought they did really well. They have a few kinks to get out but looked good. Ohio State looked really good. Obviously OSU won the national title last year and are going to be in the running again. But I feel like those two are ones to look for. Even Auburn has a pretty good chance. Especially in the SEC. 

SD: What’s your perfect way to spend a Saturday?

KWM: If I have the opportunity to go to a game, that’s my first choice. But we live in Cincinnati and the closest we have is the University of Kentucky and Ohio State. Neither of those are my or AJ’s alma mater so we usually just stick to watching football on TV. However I’m usually alone on Saturdays or with my friends because AJ is at the stadium or traveling for a game. So I’ve become close to some of the girls here and we just watch football.

SD: Your husband has a lot of tattoos. Are you a fan?

KWM: ​When we first started dating I thought it was kind of cool that he had a little extra something to him. Usually when you look at a guy with tattoos you think he’s kind of edge. That’s what I thought at least when we first started dating -- like he was some type of badass. But that’s not the case at all. It would not be in his personality to get a tattoo at all. But it’s the way he expresses himself. He hasn’t gotten one in a couple years. But I don’t mind them. When you love someone, you look past their -- well I wouldn’t say it’s a flaw -- but you look past things others don’t like. I like them. I think they add to his personality. 


SD: Does he have a Katherine tattoo somewhere?

KWM: ​No he does not. But if he chooses to get my name one day, I’m all for it. I don’t have any tattoos but if we decided to get each other’s name, I’m all for it.

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