Celebrate Irina Shayk's 10th SI Swimsuit appearance with her 10 most memorable GIFs

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In 2007, a little-known Russian model first appeared in the pages of SI Swimsuit. In the 10 years since, Irina Shayk has grown into one of the most popular models on the planet. But she's so much more than just a pretty face. 

"People don’t realize how intelligent she is," says SI Swimsuit Managing Editor M.J. Day. "She’s a classically trained pianist. She has the quickest wit of just about anyone I know. People tend to stop at the beauty part of her without giving her credit for her intelligence and sassiness, which is so fun to be around and makes her extra pretty."

And now, with her appearance in the 2016 issue, Irina becomes just the third model ever to appear in 10 issues. WOW.

"Not many people can do 10 years," MJ explained. "She’s only the third model to do that in 52 years. And she's never had a bad year, ever. She comes back better, stronger and more beautiful every single year. It’s a testament to her, how she’s grown her career and her abilities as a model. She’s perfect in every way, really. She gets her brand. She gets the SI brand. It’s really impressive. It’s hard to stay in fighting form six months out of the year, much less 10 years. It’s pretty incredible."

To celebrate Irina's 10th anniversary, we collected a GIF from every shoot. 

Dancing up a storm in Arizona, 2007

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Distracting the public in Russia, 2008

Making friends in Naples, 2009

Nearly losing her top in Chile, 2010

Hit by a wave in The Philippines, 2011

Pleasing the locals in Zambia, 2012

Shaking it up in Spain, 2013

Monkeying around in Madagascar, 2014

Getting cheeky in Kauai, 2015

Wearing a starfish bikini, 2016

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