Watch Hailey Clauson heat up the honeymoon suite

Hailey Clauson is a fur-bikini clad goddess in her SI Swimsuit 2017 outtakes. 
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Let us start by's not what you think. 

When we took Hailey Clauson with us to explore one of the northernmost places in the world, we knew we were in for one serious winter-wonderland adventure. But what we perhaps didn't expect to find was one of the most interesting honeymoon suites you've ever laid eyes on. 

In one of our most memorable shoots to date, Hailey trekked through knee-deep snow (admittedly falling more than a few times), in nothing more than a fur bikini and robe. Where was she headed? A log-house honeymoon suite, of course! 


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Despite questioning at first if it was a torture chamber or honeymoon suite (ankle restraints, anyone?!), Hailey made photographer Walter Chin's job a walk in the park. 

Strange how a trip to snowy Finland suddenly sounds like a good idea, eh? Watch the video above to see all of Hailey's hilarious outtakes from her SI Swimsuit 2017 shoot, and keep coming back to see bloopers from all of the girls you know and love! 

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