Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Chase Carter Is Training for Her First NYC Marathon

SI Swimsuit 2018 rookie Chase Carter prepares for her first NYC Marathon on Nov. 4.
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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Chase Carter is known for struting her stuff on photo shoots, but now she's taking on a new challenge...the New York City Marathon! She's getting ready to run the 26.2 mile race by eating well-balanced meals, but also not depriving herself of her favorite sweets.

Chase told Page Six,“If you have a swim shoot coming up, you obviously go down on the sugar, the carbs, whatever it might be. With the marathon, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in my life."

As she prepares for the marathon, Chase has amped up her workout regimine by working out twice a day and running 25 to 26 miles a week going on runs outside. Being an athlete growing up, she's ready to take on the New York City Marathon by storm. 

“It’s pretty remarkable because I’ve been running outside now and seeing more of the city, so being able to know New York as much as I know the Bahamas, with it being so close to my heart, it means a great deal to me to run," Chase added.

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