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Q&A: Damaris Lewis


Old Navy ad featuring Damaris Lewis



While browsing Twitter on Thursday, I came across this tweet from Damaris Lewis: " homepage is looking pretty cool today." Curious, I checked the Old Navy homepage and Saw Damaris, front and center, alerting the world to the company's jeans and pants sale. Since Damaris is one of the friendliest SI Swimsuit models around, I decided to send her a few questions about what she's up to. As usual, she's busy, busy, busy.

SwimDaily: I just went to and there you were. Is it still weird to see your face on the website of these major companies?

Damaris Lewis: I've been modeling for 8 almost 9 years now and I still get excited when I see myself on any advertisement or catalog. From Yves Saint Laurent to Old Navy. It's my work so I'm proud.

SD: I also saw your new website is launching. Tell us about that.

DL: I have a lot of jobs. Whenever I get into conversations with people I'm meeting for the 1st time it's hard for me to remember everything I'm up to. That's why I'm creating the website. It'll have my modeling, dancing, hosting, acting, and writing content on it. I'm very excited. And it drops on my birthday :) 10.10

SD: The NBA season is just a couple months away. Any early predictions for the upcoming season?

DL: Early predictions for the upcoming NBA season: I think the underdog teams are going to be really good this year. Golden State, Houston, Nets.  We all know they have great players but they're not up there with the notoriety of the teams like the Knicks, Celtics, Lakers, etc. Derrick Rose will be back so I'm excited about that and so will Russell Westbrook hopefully. If the major players stay healthy I think the 2013-2014 season will be great.