Food and Drinks You Need to Try in Barbados

Experience everything from Bajan street food to fine dining.

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In this episode of Explore With Swim, we are touring the Barbados food scene with SI Swimsuit model Marquita Pring. Barbados is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, and Pring travels around the island to try everything from snow cones on the beach to street food to home cooked meals and fine dining. These morsels are not to be missed on your next trip to Barbados.

Dooflicky Sour

The episode kicks off with Pring meeting snow cone vendor Dizai Worrell to try a Dooflicky Sour, a local treat which is essentially a boozy snow cone made with pineapple, cherry and lime syrups, and just the right amount of rum. Resembling a sunset you may see on Barbados, the tropical treat is certainly visually impressive. “I have to say my Bajan food tour has seriously been kicked off with a bang!” says Pring.

Cuzz’s Cafe

Moving onto a popular street food stop, Pring visits Cuzz’s Fish Shack on Pebbles Beach. The shop’s namesake owner, Cuzz, whips up his signature fried fish sandwich. The “Cutter” is made with fresh marlin, which is seasoned with lime, salt and other Bajan spices, then topped with cheese and lettuce, all in a fresh bread roll. Pring falls in love with the classic Bajan Pepper Sauce when she tops her sandwich with it. “I will be taking a bottle of this home,” she says.

Cuzz's Cafe

Cuzz's Cafe

Traditional Haitian Style Chicken Stew

Next on her food tour, Pring is invited to the home of Delores Hunte, where the executive chef of CM Catering, Chef Craig, cooks her a Bajan-style chicken stew. The first step of making the stew is to pan fry the chicken with some cumin and curry powder. Then the rest of the ingredients and spices are added so they can all simmer and meld together. To complete the traditional meal, fried plantains, steamed broccoli and rice are prepped to accompany the stew.


The last stop on Pring’s food tour of Barbados is Champers, a fine dining restaurant in Bridgetown that is a must-see stop on any Barbados food tour. Tour guide Joel Manning talks Pring through the feast of upscale Barbadian delights. Restaurant owner Chiryl Newman begins the meal by bringing out fried coconut shrimp, chopped salad and lobster tacos.

Lobster tacos from Champers.

Lobster tacos from Champers.

Pring and Manning go on to try several more signature dishes before raising a glass to the day’s food tour. “This was such an incredible experience, I’m so happy to be here to close out my culinary tour,” said Pring.