How Kamie Crawford Spent 24 Hours in St. Croix

Explore Christiansted like a local with the SI Swimsuit rookie.

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In this episode of Explore With Swim, SI Swimsuit rookie Kamie Crawford experiences the ultimate 24 hours in St. Croix, kicking things off in Christiansted, “I’m trying to explore as much as I can,” she says. “Whenever I travel to a new place, I like to explore as much and as local as possible and that's what I’m going to do today.”

The first stop of the day is ib Designs, where Crawford meets with manager Kimberly Hummers to talk about all things jewelry and admire the brand’s signature Infinity Collection. Everything in the store is made by hand, right in St. Croix. Turns out the IB of the shop’s name stands for Island Boy. “He’s got the island boy feel, the flavor, we definitely put that love into each [piece],” says Abbie Massicott, the founder’s son.

Next up is a visit to My Girlfriend’s Closet, a fashion boutique also in Christiansted, where a local designer shows Crawford some of her pieces. Giana “Regal” Christopher pulls out some colorful madras fabric that is unique to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Regal explains that during the colonial period, madras fabric came to the Carribean via the slave trade and through the centuries the fabric has held a lot of significance for the local population as they would use it to create their own fashion accessories.

“I love the fact that something that started off with an oppressive nature has been turned into something beautiful.” Crawford says.

After a morning of shopping, Crawford stops by La Reine Chicken Shack to try some local cuisine for lunch. A feast of Caribbean cuisine is brought out by the team and Crawford tries everything. “You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Johnny Cake,” she says. “Obviously I loved it, it was incredible, so good. The best chicken I’ve probably ever had in my life, truly.” (Clearly, she ordered well.)

Last but not least, Crawford ends the day at Sion Farm Distillery with Mutiny Island Vodka founder Todd Manley. He starts by showing her the special ingredient with which they make their island vodka: the breadfruit. “We call it the ‘island potato,’” Manley explains.

Mutiny Island Vodka brews a few flavor-infused varieties in addition to the classic unflavored. After a tasting, Crawford’s favorite was the Ginger Lime, so the distillery whipped up a ginger lime mule for her to enjoy alongside some breadfruit tostones to end her tour of the island.