Katrina Scott Shares Unfiltered Story of Her Recent Delivery

The SI Swimsuit model experienced some scary unexpected events during the birth of her second daughter.

Katrina Scott has always been open about the trials and tribulations of motherhood and her struggle with infertility. And now, the SI Swimsuit model is being honest about her frightening delivery experience after welcoming her second daughter Colette on May 24.

Scott took to Instagram to share a series of raw photos showing just how intense giving birth and postpartum can be. The images included her looking tired and swollen in a hospital bed, her still pregnant-looking stomach after giving birth, bruising up and down her body, and a video of Scott barely able to walk in the hospital.

“There were a few hard parts which led to the most difficult one,” explains Scott. “From an external cephalic version procedure where they manually flip your baby to seven hours of laboring standing up with no epidural, and a total of 24 hours of labor and two hours of pushing, we ultimately went into C-Section.”

She adds, “The most difficult part was in the OR. While I was getting my C-section, I hemorrhaged, losing half my blood volume. It was the scariest moment of my and [husband] Brian’s life.”

This was a very different experience than the one she had delivering her first daughter, Isabelle.

“With Bella, everything was different,” says Scott. “From conceiving her to pregnancy and our delivery, it was as smooth as you wish. So after experiencing secondary infertility and losing a couple of pregnancies, we were advised to do IVF. We’re so grateful that we could access fertility treatments and that they worked. With that and experiencing a traumatic birth, I’ve learned that nothing is promised, not even tomorrow, and that life is more precious than we could ever know. It has made me slow down, be more present in my life, and not take a day for granted— and for that, I’m forever grateful.”

Thankfully, the mom of two recovered and can now enjoy her two little ones safely at home. But her honest storytelling is important as it proves having children isn’t always magical. Instead, it can be painful, exhausting and sometimes terrifying.

“A lot of women have shared their birth trauma with me, and I just want them to know they aren’t alone,” says Scott. “And if someone experiences something in the future, I hope she finds some comfort in knowing she is not alone, either.”

Jordi Lippe-McGraw


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