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Olivia Ponton Is Pansexual and Proud

The SI Swimsuit rookie is celebrating Pride Month by sharing her truth.

June is Pride Month. SI Swimsuit rookie and social media editor-at-large Olivia Ponton kicked off the month-long celebration of the LGBTQ community by posting a photo of herself wearing a “Love is Love” T-shirt. “HAPPY PRIDE MONTH. Pansexual and proud.” Ponton writes. Pansexuality means a person can feel a sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.

Last June, in an interview with Teen Vogue, Ponton announced that she is bisexual. Throughout the past year she has been open and honest about navigating her experience, having grown up with limited exposure to the LGBTQ community. “I feel like it didn’t really even occur to me until I moved out here [to Los Angeles] that being bisexual was even a possibilty in my brain,” she said. “I want to let young girls know that it’s O.K. to not even know your sexuality until you’re older.”

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