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A Professional Stylist Helps Recreate Kate Bock’s Safari Style

The SI Swimsuit model shares exactly what she packed for her trip to Africa.

Kate Bock just returned from her honeymoon in Africa, where she went on safari in Tanzania and jetted off to Rwanda for gorilla trekking. And while her photos of the luxe, tented camps and wild animals elicited some major wanderlust, her impeccable fashion caught our eye. Luckily, we chatted with the SI Swimsuit model to find out the exact pieces she used for a few of the looks. Plus, we got tips from a popular Instagram stylist on how to recreate Bock’s safari style to help you pack for your safari vacation.

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How to Recreate Bock’s Safari Style

“Kate Bock’s safari style is iconic because she managed to make very utility pieces feminine and sweet yet practical,” says Ashley Castorena, a popular stylist on Instagram known for helping clients build an intentional wardrobe. “Because tonal looks are ideal for safari trips, she plays with different textures — fleece, silk and lace. Here are the staples I’d recommend packing if you are heading on a safari trip and want to recreate Bock’s looks.”

Kate Bock's Look No. 1

“I loved this look for our safari,” says Bock. “The bandana was high functioning on our drives with all the wind. It really helped keep my hair out of my face. On the safari, the temperature also dropped quickly, so having good layering pieces was important. This top was cute and functional—the perfect layering piece.”

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Kate's Pieces

What the stylist says and what to shop:

“This final look is a perfect blend of utility and femininity,” says Castorena. “She plays with several different textures to elevate an otherwise very simple and tonal look. The key here is to find a long-sleeve top with texture. You can use lace, but if you want to be more practical, I recommend a ribbed texture. For your bottoms, you can use shorts or pants [depending on the temperature].”

Neutral Ribbed Long Sleeves: 

Utility Pants 


Kate Bock's Look No. 2

“I wore this bucket hat a lot,” says Bock. “Mornings were really chilly, so having a hat was essential. I also wore my bandana under my hat, so when it heated up, I took my hat off, and I still had my hair pulled back and out of my face. These Skims leggings and bra set were so comfortable and cozy for the mornings.

Kate's Pieces:

What the stylist says and what to shop:

“These utility boots are a theme throughout her entire trip,” says Castorena. “She never takes them off and has built all of her outfits around them. Her leggings are tonal and from Skims — also, note that she wears socks that hit right above her boots. This adds contrast to her bottom half.”

Castorena adds, “She layers a brown fleece on top that plays off her boots and a bucket hat [with texture] that plays off her lighter socks. This outfit is easy to recreate, just don’t forget the socks and bucket hat details.”

Fleece Pullover:


Utility Boots:

Bucket Hat: