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Kate Bock Talks Style and Beauty in an Exclusive Q&A With SI Swimsuit

We caught up with SI Swimsuit model, Kate Bock, on all things style and beauty.

If you’re on Instagram, then you know Kate Bock. With a few scrolls down on her feed, you’ll feel a strong sudden urge to redecorate your apartment and revamp your wardrobe.

From her workout looks to her dog Vestry’s accessories, every follower wants to know how to get the Kate Bock style. She’s the ultimate influencer. Dare we say, Swimfluencer?

Lucky for you, we caught up with the Canadian beauty on her must-haves, style hacks and all things lifestyle.

SI: How would you describe your style?

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KB: Isabel Marant just gets me, always.

SI: What is one style hack you’ve learned from working in this industry?

KB: Always resole your heels/sandals with rubber so they’re more comfortable and don’t slide.

SI: Who would you say is your biggest style icon?

KB: Rosie Huntington forever, but recently also Hailey Bieber.

SI: Describe your go-to look for when you’re courtside at a Cavs game.

KB: Knee high black suede boots, leather leggings, oversized sweater and my voluminous blonde waves.

SI: What are three things we can always find in your bag?

KB: Ohhh I have a Mary Poppins bag... only three?! Hair Ties, Nivea mini tin Hand Cream (classic and the best), Fresh Rose Lip Balm...and Vestry’s Emotional Support ID with her modeling picture on it!

SI: You recently posted a beauty corner tour on Instagram and now we all want to step up our home aesthetics. What are your go-to home decor websites or brands?

KB: Target Home Decor Section has some big wins.. Chip and Joanna Gains line, Hearth & Home, is one of my favorites. I also love CB2 for more modern pieces, Restoration Hardware for the special pieces & Zara Home for the fun decor pieces.

SI: For the fellow dog moms out there- where do you buy all of Vestry’s chic accessories?

KB: Oh wow, my favorite dog brands are Max Bone, Wag Wear, Jax & Bones, The Foggy Doggy, Gurka and so many more.

SI: Your instagram is a Pinterest dream. What is one tip you’d give to an aspiring influencer?

KB: I save so many photos that I see when I’m scrolling through. I have a bunch of different folders in my saved section and select inspirational photos or just ideas I’m drawn to and make mood boards out of them or save them for future ideas.

SI: The world needs to know how to achieve the Kate Bock hairstyle. What is your daily routine to get that iconic hair?

KB: Iconic? Wow, I’m flattered! I have become a curling iron wizard. (I use a medium barrel T3 iron) I blow dry my hair (not well, just to dry it with a middle part) and wave it with curling iron. I find it relaxing and I end up with my big, full, bombshell waves ... so it’s a win win!