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Glamming Up Alyssa Miller & Jess Perez

SI Swimsuit models Alyssa Miller and Jess Perez are beautiful, of course. But those that take these girls to that next level of beautiful -- hairstylists, makeup artists, and stylists -- deserve a special kind of kudos. At least, that's how we feel about Dominique Samuel -- one of the makeup artists who joined the swimsuit models in Las Vegas for Launch Week. So when we wanted to talk makeup, we had to go to him. Give us a few tips! Talk about a couple of looks! Product advice, please!

Happily and helpfully, he obliged. Here he breaks down some of his favorite launch-week looks:

First, Alyssa Miller. 

Dominique is joined by hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello for a stunning, tag-team effort.

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Dominique is joined by hairstylist Dominick for a lethal tag-team effort.

I really love both looks we did for Alyssa in Vegas. The first oneis super glamourous with a red lip. 

All the products I used are from Tom Ford Beauty and the most important thing with each look is that after applying the base, I used the Shade & Illuminate to contour and give more definition to her face (this works best with good brushes and Tom Ford has my favorite collection!). 

We did a nice, full eyebrow, a little eyeliner, and lots and lots of mascara. To finish the look, we plumped on a red lip. She looked stunning!

SI Swimsuit On Location Hosted By Marquee Nightclub At The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

For her second appearance, we were inspired by this amazing, green earring she has and the fact that we wanted to do something totally different -- a smokey, sparkly, emerald green eye was perfect. 

Her eyes really popped and she felt really sexy! 


Now ... onto the beautiful Jessica Perez. For her first look we went more 'sexy-natural'--it was all about skin and shine, which really played up the fact that she already has amazing skin and bone structure.


For her second look we went more 'red carpet' -- a light, smokey eye on chocolate and warm brown tones all finished with some fun, fake eyelashes!


My focus was really on accenting her existing bone structure with contouring. She felt like a real star on the red carpet (she told me!). 

Club SI Swimsuit Hosted By 1 OAK Nightclub At The Mirage, Las Vegas
Club SI Swimsuit Hosted By 1 OAK Nightclub At The Mirage, Las Vegas

For more tips and tricks, find Dominique here: