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Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski Make a Massive Donation to Hospitals in Critical Need

2019 Cover Model, Camille Kostek and NFL Legend, Rob Gronkowski Donate 20,000 Masks to New Jersey and Boston based hospitals in critical need.

Camille Kostek and long-time boyfriend, Rob Gronkowski, are proving there is good in the world. They have donated 20,000 KN95 medical masks to the health care providers at Boston Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Network in New Jersey. This is the definition of a power couple.

SI Swimsuit Editor-in-Chief, MJ Day, whose husband is on the front lines fighting this pandemic, posted a beautiful thank you to Camille and Gronk for their generous act of kindness.

Her post says, “So when We all say we are a FAMILY at @si_swimsuit I mean it in the truest sense of the word. @camillekostek is a former #siswimsearch winner, SI Rookie and 2019 Cover Model. @gronk is her partner in life and @patriots legend and friend and supporter of this brand. They just donated 10,000 KN95 masks to both @sjhnj and @bostonmedicalcenter. And I am moved beyond words. But this type of generosity deserves words. On a personal note, I have been appealing to people to #stayinandsew #flattenthecurve and support their local hospitals and caregivers in need. My husband is a physician at @sjhnj and many of our friends and colleagues are on the front lines there fighting this pandemic. Like many of the hospitals in the epicenter of this war, they are critically short on supplies. Especially masks. What Camille and Rob have done for this hospital, the caregivers, the patients, and the community made me cry tears of joy. It’s been restorative to my faith that we can make a difference no matter how big or small. It shows me that the type of people that I get to work with care about me and you just as much as we care about them. And no matter what team they played for, we are all on the same team now. There is no way to quantify the gratitude I have for you both. Let’s motivate others to do the same, or what they can to help our hospitals and caregivers battle for us. Make a mask, stay home, donate, use your platform. Do what you can, because it all matters. These masks equate to lives saved. Period. Thank you.”

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We’re all in this together. Healthcare professionals, celebrities, professional athletes, you and me.

Want to give back like Camille and Rob? Stay home, make masks, donate what you can, and thank those who are out there fighting against this pandemic.

Check out and COVID10 Response Fund for more information on how to donate.

Click here for the latest mask sewing pattern and protocol from Providence St. Joseph Health.