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Caroline Wozniacki opens up about her historic third shoot with SI Swimsuit

Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki returns for a historic third appearance in SI Swimsuit 2017. 

Here at SI Swimsuit, we don't think we'll ever get enough of Caroline Wozniacki. That's why we decided we just had to bring her back for a historic third year as an SI Swimsuit athlete. 

Joined in SI Swimsuit 2017 by fellow tennis superstars Serena Williams and Genie Bouchard, Caroline becomes the first athlete in SI Swimsuit history to return for a third appearance. And we couldn't be happier about it! We sat down with our favorite blonde goddess to talk everything from body paint to body diversity and all the fun things inbetween! 


Swim Daily: A few athletes have shot for us twice, but you’re the first to come back for a third round. What is it about SI Swimsuit that draws you back in? 
Caroline Wozniacki: I am sooooo excited about being back in this years SI Swimsuit! We always have a blast on set and I love how the magazine promotes different body shapes and sizes. I am really proud to be in the issue again this year!

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SD:What was the reaction to your body paint photos from last year? 
CW: I got a lot of positive reactions, some people didn't even realize it was body paint! It was a great experience and I love how the pictures turned out!


SD:Compare getting body painted to a five-hour tennis match.
CW: Haha!! It's definitely different! The body paint took a lot longer but it was definitely worth it in the end and think we got some amazing shots!

SD:How does training for a photo shoot differ from training for a tennis match?
CW: Honestly, MJ is amazing and always want us to look out "normal" self.. I eat very healthy before a shoot and make sure I feel my best, but I also love my curves and definitely wouldn't want to loose them before a shoot.. Once the shoot starts we just have a blast and usually that shows on the pictures!

SD:There are a lot of opinions circulating about body and beauty diversity. What are your thoughts about how the industry is embracing women of all shapes and sizes?
CW: I think it's amazing! Everyone is different and everyone is their own person and every body is unique and beautiful!


SD:We know your good friend Serena Williams is in the issue, too. Did you play a part in convincing her to come back? 
CW: Yeah we talked about it when we were hanging out one night and we sent a picture to MJ and we were like, I think we should shoot together next year! I guess she thought that was a great idea. Haha!

SD:And while we’re on the topic, is there one thing you can tell us about her that people might not know? Does she have any hidden talents or unique personality traits?
CW: She is a great dancer and can sing some pretty good karaoke too !!!

SD:Lastly, without prying into your dating life too much, can you tell us what it’s like to constantly have the media scrutinizing who you’re photographed with?
CW: I think I have kind of gotten used to that by now! But I am currently happy in my relationship and we just keep it low key. 

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