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Caroline Wozniacki has moved on from Rory McIlroy—and she wishes everyone else would, too

Caroline Wozniacki is celebrating her 10th anniversary on the ATP tour this summer. Wouldn't it be nice if people discussed her performance on the court as opposed to her romantic relationships off it? Unfortunately though, despite a former world No. 1 ranking, out-of-this-world endorsements from brands like Rolex and Adidas, and star-studded friendships with some of tennis' finest, it's a former flame that continues to mark Caroline's legacy. 

In a new interview with the NY Post's Alexa, Caroline opens up about her career, that haunting relationship, and her love of fashion.

Back in March 2014, Caroline was stunned when then-fiance and world-renowned golf pro Rory McIlroy broke off their engagement in what is arguably one of the most sensationalized phone calls of all time. A sports power duo, the couple had lived their lives publicly together, and when the man she thought she knew went to the press with the news, Caroline had no choice but to step up and tackle "the subsequent spotlight with both candor and gusto."

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Over the next year, Caroline would go on to reach the finals of the US Open, run the New York City Marathon in under 3.5 hours, and star in one little glossy known for it's beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women (cough, cough...SI Swimsuit, of course!). She also decided early on to give one in-depth interview about that very public breakup, and explained to Alexa that it bothers her when people continue to ask about it. 

"I don't think there is any reason to go back," she told the publication. "Obviously that relationship taught me so much and made me the person I am today, but at this point, I am like, I've moved on, Rory has moved on, and I am ready for the media to move on."

So as she enjoys her position at No. 4 in the world, and looks to perhaps upset her BFF's chances at a "Serena Slam" at the upcoming US Open, Caroline is focusing on soaking up every second of her time in New York, prepping for New York Fashion Week, and staying optimistic about the search for love. Both kinds, that is. 

To read the full story from Alexa, check out the NY Post online now. 

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