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Designer Spotlight Sale: Cosabella

Every Monday, SwimDaily will feature a flash sale highlighting different companies that contribute to the SI Swimsuit Issue. This week, we are proud to feature Cosabella.



Flash Sale Code: SPORTSI50 (50% off, good from 11/18-11/19, can only be used on Cielo Halter Demi Top and Bikini, Sol One Piece, Sol Italian Bandeau Top and Lowrider Bikini, Nobe One Shoulder Dress)

Weekly Discount Code: COSA20 (20% off, good from 11/19-11/24, can be used on all products)


Cielo Halter Demi Top and Bikini
Original Price: $105 and $80
Price after 50% discount: $52.50 and $40
Item Details: Color blocking made from stretch fabric with a contrasting trimmed edge. Cielo's dramatic color ways can be mixed and matched.

Sol One Piece  
Original Price: $160
Price after 50% discount: $80
Item Details: Cosabella Mare's best-selling monokini.

Sol Italian Bandeau Top and Lowrider Bikini
Original Price: $95 and $75
Price after 50% discount: $47.50 and $37.50
Item Details: Cosabella Mare’s basic bandeau bikini set set in ultra-fast drying high-end microfiber fabric.

Nobe One Shoulder Dress
Original Price: 187.50
Price after 50% discount: $93.75
Item Details: Nobe is a summery beachwear grouping in light jersey that consists of solid colors inspired by this season's best prints.

Q&A with Guido Campello: VP Sales, Branding & Innovation for Cosabella

Cosabella, a family owned Italian lingerie company was founded in 1983 by Ugo and Valeria Campello. It has grown into a second generation family business, with children Silvia and Guido Campello leading the company. Cosabella is expanding globally with a diverse product mix of intimates, swimwear and shapewear. The company headquarters are located in Miami, FL and manufactured in Italy using the highest grade fibers to create a refined blend of American design and Italian craftsmanship. Flagship stores are located in New York City, Miami and Atlanta and shop in shops located in La Rinascente, Milan, Galleries La Fayette, Paris and Shinsegae, Seoul South Korea.

SwimDaily: Tell me about your company? When did it start? Any interesting start up stories?

Guido Campello: The intimate apparel company made its first mark on the industry with the design of bodysuits in the mid-eighties, setting the trend for bringing innerwear out. Soon after, Cosabella revolutionized women’s underwear with the birth of a simple, mesh thong, ending visible panty lines forever. It was not long before the world took wind of this lingerie phenomenon, flaunting the kind of quality and artisanship that could only be “Made In Italy.” The first to offer underwear in such a stunning array of vibrant, rich hues, Cosabella transformed the idea of color from being just an accessory into being a lifestyle.

SwimDaily: What philosophies are important to the success of your company?

Guido Campello: Always looking for innovation with our market. The quality of our product and staying true to our “Made in Italy” roots.

SwimDaily:Where did the name of your company come from?

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Guido Campello: Cosabella, meaning “beautiful thing,”

SwimDaily: Have you spotted any celebrities wearing you products?

Guido Campello: Celebrity fans include Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

SwimDaily: What new products are you most excited for?

Guido Campello: Launching this Fall is a brand new black light reactive collection called Never Say Never Fluorescent.  We also partnering with ready to wear designer Erin Fetherston for a Spring 2014 Bridal Collection.

SwimDaily: Where would you like to see your company in 10 years?

Guido Campello: On the cover of Sports Illustrated for the 10th year in a row.

SwimDaily: How has Sports Illustrated Swimsuit impacted your brand?

Guido Campello: Sports Illustrated always provides us with a great reaction in terms of new and prototype styles. Last year’s issue stretched the limits, as we saw immediate requests for special orders of our Mesh one piece that appeared in the issue. It also launched copycat photoshoots, showing that transparency in swimwear is desired.

SwimDaily: What has is been like working with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit? What does your company do to prepare for the Swimsuit year to come?

Guido Campello: We know to keep all options open. We know that the editors of the issue are looking for the most unique and striking styles that can complement and not overtake the beauty of the swimsuit models. We look at new and past collections to be able to supply the widest range of inspiration options for the stylist.

SwimDaily: Where do you see swim trends in 10 years?

Guido Campello: Versatility of swimwear being used for other purposes. Many fabrics used in swimwear are the same fabrics used in intimates, and even activewear used for yoga and running apparel. Swim fabrics are also becoming more and more technical, resisting the elements of salt, sun, sunscreen and washing, allowing lace, mesh and thinner and thinner fabrics to make it onto beaches and on deck. And wait for color changing and glowing fabrics….we already have glow in the dark lace coming next year.

SwimDaily: What does the 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit Issue mean to you?

Guido Campello: Paired with our 30th anniversary, we understand how such a magnificent milestone allows us to look back at this body of work and how it defines Americana culture. It is the perfect example of how fashion and stunning beauty could change our culture and surprisingly, overtime, give strength and power to the female figure in America. The swimsuit issues have been and will continue pushing the boundaries for fashion, beauty and women for another 50 years.