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Designer Spotlight Sale: Indah

Every Monday, SwimDaily will feature a flash sale highlighting different companies that contribute to the SI Swimsuit Issue. This week, we are proud to feature Indah Clothing.


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Flash Sale Code: 24HOURSALE (25% off, good from 11/11-11/12, can only be used on Jade White, Kamani Tie-Dye, Paola Black and Sooty Black)

Weekly Discount Code: 20OFFINDAH (20% off, good from 11/12-11/17, can be used on all products)

More About Indah

Indah Clothing is designed and produced in Bali, the island of the Gods. Indah is the word for beautiful in Bahala, the language spoken in the luxurious island. “My husband Joe and I had just hiked Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok,” Indah founder Libby DeSantis recalls. “And we where dead tired; looking for a place to chill. We found this cool little village at the base of the mountain and stayed for a few days. While we where there, the owner’s wife gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl who they named INDAH. I asked them, ‘What does that mean, it is such a beautiful word.’ They said, ‘Yes it means beautiful!’ When we started to make a few bits and pieces to sell, it had to be Indah on the label.”

The company is now in its 15th year and has been featured prominently in the SI Swimsuit Issue, most noticeable for Kate Upton's 2013 cover image. Other models who have sported Indah clothing in the SI Swimsuit issue include Alyssa Miller, Emily DiDonato, Chrissy Teigen, Adaora, Jess Perez, Kate Bock and Ariel Meredith. So what is Indah? The question is best answered in a poem on the company's website:

INDAH ISan enigma. beautiful, exotic and genius. made by hand and created with love. known for climbing trees for the fruit. And the view. perfume that smells of Kauai. dreaming in Balinese. conversing with sirens. powerfully gentle. flying with dolphins. a rock star and a diplomat. hair loose and unfettered. a force to be reckoned with. For women who want to sing their own song. leaving men wanting. golden skin and a pirate’s smile. going commando. a flower behind one ear every day. an antique anklets strewn with little bells. a backstage pass for life. is rich in spirit. is fluent in nine languages. blessed by fairies at birth. blowing on dandelions. flying without a net. giving back and paying it forward. is karma incarnate. radiating her own light. fighting for equality. whole and perfect. untamed. one of a kind. just how you imagined. now.