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Designer Spotlight Sale: Tyler Rose Swimwear

Every Monday, SwimDaily will feature a flash sale highlighting different companies that contribute to the SI Swimsuit Issue. This week, we are proud to feature Tyler Rose Swimwear.


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Flash Sale Code (65% off, good from 10/28-10/29): SWIMDAILY (can only be used on Planets of the Universe, Midnight Wind and Cheaper Than Free)

Weekly Discount Code (50% off, good from 10/29-11/3): WHEREISWIM (can be used on all products)

* All prices on Tyler Rose website reflect discounted prices.


Planets of the Universe

Teal cheetah halter with braid detail; metallic teal ruched bottom with braided sides; low rise, cheeky

Discounted Price: $33.25; $32.55 (with 65% discount)

Midnight Wind

Black and metallic gold bandeau with fringe detail on back; black and metallic gold boy short ruched in front and back with ruffle detail; low rise, cheeky

Discounted Price: $32.55; $31.85 (with 65% discount)

Cheaper Than Free

Red and grey cheetah print side triangle; red and grey cheetah print bottom ruched in front and back; low rise, cheeky

Discounted Price: $31.85; $30.80 (with 65% discount)

All Store Products

Save 50% off all store products purchased between 10/29 – 11/3 with Coupon Code “WHEREISWIM”

Q&A with Tyler Rose designer and owner Nichole Carroll

SwimDaily: Tell me about your company? When did it start? Any interesting start up stories?

Nichole Carroll: The company began in 2001 and really got rolling a few years later, around 2004. The company started locally, we only sold to a few boutiques in and around Orange County.

SD: What philosophies are important to the success of your company?

NC: Designing bikinis for friends and family as well as impeccable customer service.

SD: Where did the name of your company come from?

NC: Step-brother Tyler, Step-sister Erin Rose

SD: Have you spotted any celebrities wearing you products?

NC: Lindsay Lohan, Leann Rimes, Audrina Patridge, Juliette Sims, Katherine Webb, Courtney Cox, Kate Upton

SD: What new products are you most excited for?

NC: The punchy, vibrant swimsuits of our 2014 line!

SD: Where would you like to see your company in 10 years?

NC: Still gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit!

SD: How has Sports Illustrated Swimsuit impacted your brand?

NC: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit helped to put Tyler Rose Swimwear on the map; it is something the company looks forward to every year, kind of like the Superbowl of Swimwear

SD: What has is been like working with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit? What does your company do to prepare for the Swimsuit year to come?

NC: To prepare for the Swimsuit year to come, we design and produce custom bikinis for every different story we are presented with.

SD: Where do you see swim trends in 10 years?

NC: Who knows? Tyler Rose Swimwear doesn’t really follow the trend, we tend to create our own.

SD: What does the 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit Issue mean to you?