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Q&A: Dutch field hockey star Ellen Hoog


The Dutch field hockey team made quite an impression at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and it wasn't just for its gold medal performance on the field. The team was considered by many (mostly male) fans as the best-looking of all the Olympics squads. Shortly after the games, SI to as the best looking of all Olympic squads through all the sports, thanks in no small part to Ellen Hoog. Shortly after the Games, The midfielder and teammate Eva De Goede posed for the SI Swimsuit Issue. SwimDaily caught up with Hoog to discuss the shoot, her life since the issue came out and a variety of other topics.

SwimDaily:  How did the SI Swimsuit come about? Did they ask you?

Ellen Hoog: The SI called the Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) and informed them that they were interested in photographing some of the national team players. In the end they choose 2 girls of which I was one.

SD: Had you done any modeling before?

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EH Yes, I have done a few modeling shoots for sponsors and some sports magazines and fashion magazines.

SD: How was the photo shoot? Were you nervous before? How was it being with Eva?

EH: It was a really exciting time, especially because the shoot was in Vegas. James Macari, the photographer, really tried to make me as comfortable as possible. Honestly, all the people on site were very nice and friendly. Being with Eva was of course really nice. In normal day life she is actually a friend of mine.

SD: Are you happy with how it came out? Is there one specific picture that you like the most?

EH: I pretty much like all the photos, but if I'd had to chose my favorite, then I'd say the one with Eva at the fountain. I have good memories about that photo, we had a good laugh!

SD: What was the reaction of your family and friends when they saw the issue?

EH: My close family and friends already knew that I was going to be in the issue. Reaction of family and friends was really positive, everybody liked the photos. Also on my social media, people were really enthusiastic and approving.

SD: Have you been recognized by anyone just for being a swimsuit model and not for field hockey?

EH: In the first week there was a lot of media attention about Eva and me being in the SI issue. A few TV shows invited me on their show and afterwards I did get recognized a few times on the streets.

SD: Do you have a boyfriend? What did he think of the photos?

EH: Yes, I have a boyfriend. He loves the photos and is really supportive.

SD: Besides field hockey, what do you like to do with your spare time?

EH: I like to write columns, give presentations, but I also like to spend time with my friends, go out for diner and go shopping.

SD: What song and TV show are your favorites right now?

EH: The series Suits is one of my favorites.

SD: What do you plan to do this summer? Anything fun?

EH: I have a very busy hockey schedule this Summer. In June we play the World Hockey League in Rotterdam. Then I have a week off and will go to Italy for some relaxing holidays. In August we have the European Championships in Belgium.

SD: What advice would you give to any athlete who isn't sure whether to pose for SI?