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Get to Know Josephine Skriver, Instagram's Number One Sweetheart.

SI Swimsuit Rookie, Josephine Skriver, is much more than a model.

Josephine Skriver is the sweetheart of the social media world. The 26-year-old Danish beauty is SI Swimsuit’s latest rookie, the face of Maybelline, a Victoria Secret Angel, and on every major runway, and trust me, Jo is much more than that.

She’s a major LGBTQ+ advocate.

Referring to herself as a, "PROUD rainbow kid," Josephine tirelessly speaks out for the LGBTQ+ community. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar she said, “The more people talk against me, the more I want to take them for coffee…” She has built a massive platform and does not waste the opportunity to advocate for what she believes in. “We might not always agree or understand, but our differences are what makes this world so beautiful.” 

She’s a girls-girl who isn’t giving her followers a false reality.

It’s easy to look at a model or celebrity and think they’re born that way, and the truth is - they’re not and Josephine is the first to tell you that. Jo wanted to show her fans not only the glamorous side of her life, but how it happens and how YOU can do it too. This idea led Josephine and her BFF, Jasmine Tookes, to launch Joja, a health and wellness Instagram where they share their workouts, healthy snacks, and ways to better your mindset through meditation.

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She takes the time to connect with her fans.

If you scroll down her feed and click any photo you’ll see hundreds of comments from her fans asking for beauty secrets, where she’s heading next or simply her favorite color and unlike so many other celebrities, she answers! Josephine takes the time to connect with her fans which is a breath of fresh air in today's world.



She’s a serious sports fanatic.

With enough Raider’s gear to dress a stadium, there is no doubt Josephine is a diehard football fan. It’s not for show either, this girl has the stats to back it up and would give any sports analyst a run for their money. We sat down with Jo before her debut as the Official SI Swimsuit Sports Correspondent on Shoot Your Shot with SI Swimsuit and jaws dropped as she gave us her detailed analysis of Super Bowl LIV- which not to mention, was CORRECT.