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Hannah Davis shows off her killer bod on the cover of Health

Hannah Davis is revealing more than just her flawless figure on the cover of the April issue of Health Magazine.  

The four-time SI Swimsuit model and 2015 cover star opens up about her island lifestyle, tomboy tendencies and wedding plans with retired New York Yankee Derek Jeter. 

On being an island girl at heart: "I'm pretty easygoing. I don't like high stress. It was definitely a change when I got to New York because I was late for everything. And I remember someone told me, "You know, when you're late, it's like you have no regard for that person's time." And I was like, "Oh, wow!" I didn't look at it like that."

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On prepping for a bikini-clad photo shoot: "Uh, I'm pretty much miserable! I warn everyone, 'Prepare for me to write you a random bitchy text because I'm hungry.' I do eat the whole time, but I work out a lot, usually two workouts a day for two or three days before. I'll go on a 10-mile bike ride or something, and then I'll come back and work with a trainer. I do pretty intense workouts in the gym."

On what makes Derek her perfect match: "I think finding someone you truly don't have to change for—not even a single part of you—makes you rise to the occasion. You want to find someone who is way better than you, or you think so. You're like, 'This person is gonna bring out the best in me, and I'm gonna be a way better person this year.'"

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