Kelly Gale Couldn’t Be More Fabulous in Her Bright Orange Bikini on Boat Day

The model’s latest film dump on Instagram was full of fun content.
Kelly Gale

Kelly Gale.

We absolutely love a good film photo dump. Within the past few years, the grainy photo has made a comeback—but people are no longer looking to filters to make their photos a touch more creative. They want the real deal.

There is just something about a good film snap that gives a moody and cool air to the atmosphere. Kelly Gale knows that. The Swedish-Australian model has a habit of posting some incredibly artistic photos to her Instagram, showcasing both her impeccable style and her penchant for capturing unique snapshots.

Her latest film dump is right in line with that. The 28-year-old took to Instagram on Feb. 7 to share some hazy photos from her life recently. While each of the pics were creative and fun in their own way, we especially appreciated her handful of stunning swimwear snaps, including a great snapshot of the model posing on a boat in a bright orange triangle bikini. From a creative standpoint, the model captured the photo expertly. From a fashion standpoint, she looked fabulous while doing it.

“Film dump🎞❤️,” she captioned the carousel.

“Love them all,” a friend of the model gushed in the comments.

“Beauty 💖,” someone else added.

We have to agree, Gale’s posts often put both her sense of fashion and her creative eye on display—and we couldn’t love them more. Here’s to hoping she has more film handy, and she keeps sharing the stunning images from her adventures to come.

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Martha Zaytoun


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