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These GIFs Will Make You Even More Excited About Lindsey Vonn’s Return to SI Swimsuit

We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it!

Have you heard the amazing news?! The one and only Lindsey Vonnis back for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019

Lindsey’s first two shoots with the magazine were pretty memorable. In 2010, she braved the snowy mountains of Whistler, Canada in a bikini. Six years later, the temperature was definitely higher for Lindsey’s shoot in Petit Saint Vincent, which was a good thing considering she had on nothing but body paint!

Judging by what we’ve seen so far, Lindsey’s latest shoot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is without a doubt going to be one for the books. We know our obsession with Lindsey needs no explanation, but these five GIFs will remind you why we’re so pumped about her return to SI Swimsuit!

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1. She’s a natural in front of the camera.

2. She’s a dancing queen!

3. Her sultry gaze is hypnotizing.

4. She knows how to prep for a shoot.

5. She’s just as excited as we are!

See all of Lindsey’s photos from SI Swimsuit 2016:

Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_03004-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_03302-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01413-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_02906-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01709-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01775-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_02371-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01746-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01566-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01205-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01461-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_02393-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01787-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_02817-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_01145-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Lindsey Vonn 2016 web X160010_TK1_02407-rawWMFinal1920.jpg