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Melissa Satta in Italy-themed body paint

WHEN SHE agreed to shoot the WAGS body painting feature for us back in 2010, Melissa Satta was still with (now-retired) Italian national team forward Christian Vieri, and showed her support by making the ultimate sacrifice, per SI Swimsuit standards: sitting totally naked and as still as possible for 10+ hours as artist Joanne Gair recreated Vieri's team kit on Melissa's body.

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The relationship didn't last (the couple split in 2011), but Melissa has stayed in the WAG game, getting engaged to AC Milan and Ghanaian national team forward Kevin Prince-Boateng in 2012 (lest you forget her explanation for his nagging injuries), and giving birth to their son Maddox in April. She hasn't gone so far as to lend her torso to the Black Stars, but the couple seems smitten as ever.