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Nina Agdal lands Health cover, reveals why she stopped going on crazy workout benders

Nina Agdal shows off her flawless figure on the cover of the March issue of Health Magazine and reveals why she stopped going on crazy workout benders.

It’s no secret that Nina Agdal has a killer body, and now the blonde bombshell is showing off her flawless figure on the cover of the March issue of Health Magazine

But just how does Nina look so smokin’ hot in a bikini all year long? Three words: Less is more. 

The seven-time SI Swimsuit model opened up about how she stays active while traveling and why she stopped over-exercising.

“I would go on these benders and work out, like three to four times a day and be like ‘Why is my body not changing?,’ Nina told Health, adding that she learned you need to let your body rest in order to see positive results. 

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Instead of hitting the gym three times a day, our Danish babe now opts for sculpting workouts like Y7 yoga or SoulCycle. But what does she do when she's on the road for work? Nina says she gets creative and always makes time for exercise because “you’ll never regret a good workout.”

"I have my trainer send me what I have to do, or I'll just make up my own routine," she revealed. "I'll use the timer on my phone and do 20 seconds of jump squats, and then 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds of normal squats with a weight or something like that. You just pick three or four exercises and do three rounds of them. And you keep yourself accountable because you have the timer."

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