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Board shorts or speedos? Nina Agdal asks the ladies of South Beach some important questions

If you were debating whether to buy board shorts or a speedo for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, worry not. Nina Agdal has the answer and so much more! 

Last week we revealed what the men of South Beach think is the sexiest part of a woman, and this week, we're back with more useful answers to some of your most pressing questions. And by useful, we definitely mean solid pick up lines to use next time you see a potential new flame tanning on the beach. 

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Ever wondered what is the first part of a man that catches a girl's eye? Nina knows. Been questioning just what activity on the beach really is the sexiest? Again, Nina knows. 

What are you waiting for?! Watch the full video above and devise a plan for how you'd try to pick up Nina if you ever run into her on the beach. You never know—it could happen! 

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Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_01181-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_00487-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_03431-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_01053-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_02836-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_01287-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_04042-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_02512-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_03333-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_02439-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_02179-rawWMFinal1920.jpg