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Nina Agdal pushed the weight of three baby elephants. What did you do today?

How do you get a body like this?! 



In an epic new workout video, former SI Swimsuit cover model Nina Agdal proves that what you sweat is exactly what you get. The Barry's Bootcamp regular and boxing beast is adding a new feat to her ever-growing gym regimen. After all, what's the big deal with pushing the weight of three baby elephants when you're already a SLT pro?  

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That's right. The Danish beauty took to Instagram to #HumbleBrag about her latest workout feat, which included pushing 527lbs across the floor of her local gym in Soho. OVER. 500. POUNDS. That's half a horse, a whole adult pig, or a third of a cow. Are you impressed yet? 

So excuse us while we run to the gym to start pumping iron. It seems we have a lot of catching up to do if we ever hope to be as strong as this brunette bombshell. 

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Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_01181-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_00487-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_03431-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
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Nina Agdal 2016 web X159762_TK1_02251-rawWMFinal1920.jpg