Olivia Ponton Shares the Sweetest Throwback Bikini Photos in Honor of Olivia Dunne’s Birthday

The pair have developed a close friendship over the years.
Olivia Dunne and Olivia Ponton pose for the camera in black floor-length gowns.

Olivia Dunne and Olivia Ponton.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne turned 21 on Oct. 1, calling for a sparkly weekend celebration with friends. But the day also brought the sweetest well wishes from friends near and far for the college athlete. Fellow SI Swimsuit model Olivia Ponton took to TikTok to wish her friend a very happy 21st birthday.

Ponton shared a series of fun swimsuit photos from the pair’s adventures of late. Having been friends for a few years, the two got the chance to spend more time together through the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue, in which Dunne appeared for the first time and Ponton for her second consecutive feature. 

Wearing black gowns, Olivia Dunne and Olivia Ponton pose for the camera on a red carpet in front of a green backdrop.

Olivia Dunne and Olivia Ponton on the red carpet of the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch.

The post included a photo of the pair sporting vibrant bikinis and smiling with colorful snow cones in hand, as well as several other tropical snaps. In one, the two posed beside some surfboards on the bed of a truck, fresh off of the beach and a surfing session.

“happy lavvvvg day🤍,” Ponton wrote on the first photo in the series, which featured the duo posing on the beach in chic black string bikinis. “love you babes,” she continued in the caption.

“Love my Libby ❤️❤️❤️,” Dunne responded sweetly in the comments.

From the red carpet of the SI Swimsuit Issue launch party to social media posts, we love seeing how their friendship has grown. We hope they get the chance to celebrate the gymnast’s 21st in person together soon.

Olivia Dunne and Olivia Ponton wear vibrant dresses and smile for the camera in front of a rainbow floral backdrop.

Olivia Dunne and Olivia Ponton.

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