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Watch as Ellen DeGeneres explains the 'Evolution of the Swimsuit Edition'

Once named "Funniest Person in America," Ellen Degeneres is an expert at poking fun. And as a Covergirl, she jokingly boasted last week that she also has the job to approve all covers, including, but not limited to, "magazine covers, bed covers, tissue box covers." But one little cover (ahem, ahem) got past her. 

After picking her jaw up off the floor, Ellen joked, "We need a cover for the cover. Give me that."


She continued by saying "I did some research and noticed that the swimsuits are getting smaller and smaller each year. So I thought I'd give you a little lesson of the evolution of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. You're welcome stay-at-home dads."

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Ellen starts in the 70s with cover girl Cheryl Tiegs. "You wouldn't even show an elbow in the 70s."


Fast forward to Brooklyn Decker in 2010..."Somehow, she didn't have time to put her top on...It's almost like Sports Illustrated doesn't care about selling bikinis to their male readers." #sorrynotsorry


Lastly, to support the theory that swimsuits cost more, the smaller they get, Ellen even created her own $10,000 floss bikini...


Enjoy the full video below (and the 52-frame SI Swimsuit Covers gallery below that) as Ellen walks her studio audience through the "Evolution of the Swimsuit Edition." And if you ever find yourself looking for a new gig, say as SI's own resident comedian, Ellen, you know who to call. 


SI Swimsuit 2014 cover
Kate Upton
Kate Upton
Irina Shayk
Brooklyn Decker
Bar Refaeli
 Marisa Miller
Veronica Varekova, Elle Macpherson, Rebecca Romijn, Rachel Hunter, Daniela Pestova, Elsa Benítez, Carolyn Murphy, and Yamila Diaz-Rahi
Carolyn Murphy
 Veronica Varekova
Petra Nemcova
Yamilla Diaz-Rahi
 Elsa Benítez
 Daniela Pestova