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SI Swimsuit 2015 Casting Call: Georgie Wass

Bold redhead, chronic worrywart, undeniable knock-out

CASTING CALLS for Swimsuit 2015 are in full swing and we are bringing you a sneak peek at some of this year's Swimsuit hopefuls. Who do you think will make it in?

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Angie Everhart, Cintia Dicker, Jessica Perez . . . Georgie Wass? We know a lot of you love your redheads, and when we're talking this 24-year-old Aussie, I think your convictions will only strengthen. Of course, the London transplant is more than her hair color, but it's hard to ignore the striking effect her signature characteristic has on the lens. In other Georgie news, though, the model is in the process of renovating her apartment. From the sounds of it it's been an emotional roller coaster, as she counts "finish renovating my apartment without any tears" No. 2 on her bucket list. Any handymen out there? Yeah, take a number.

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Name: Georgie Wass

Age: 24

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Current city: London

Years modeling: 6

You may know me from my work with: MAGAZINES: Vogue (Aus.), Marie Claire (Fr.), Grazia (Aus./Fr./It./UK); SHOWS: Mulberry, Tory Burch, Versus Versace, Halston; CAMPAIGNS: L'Oreal, New Look (UK)

When I travel I always bring mynoise-canceling headphones, candle from home, healthy snacks (nuts, chopped veggies)

The most expensive thing in my closet is my: beautiful gold handbag given to me by Mulberry

The craziest thing I've had to do on a shoot is: [shoot] underwater wearing ice skates, a see-through raincoat and sunglasses for 125 magazine

I am best known for my: red hair

When I was younger I was: nerdy and sporty at the same time

My first screen name was:

I feel sexiest when: I've been on the beach at home in Sydney for two months—sun-kissed skin, lighter hair and a healthy body

My friends think I spend too much time: worrying

My biggest fear is: running late

The book everyone should read is: I've just read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and loved it; Shanteram [by Gregory David Roberts] is also an amazing one I come back to often

My favorite musical artist is: at the moment Fat Freddy's Drop

If I started a charity it would be to: help homeless people

The best dish I make is: gluten-free banana bread with sunflower seeds and maple syrup

My favorite foods are: sweet / savory....."Both! All food is good!"

My personal style can be summed up as:

  1. Leather jacket and motorcycle boots
  2. T-shirt, jeans and Converse
  3. Chanel sunglasses and Louboutins
  4. Maxi dress and sandals
  5. Other: "All of the above! It changes depending on what mood I'm in."

The three items on my bucket list are:

  1. To visit Brazil
  2. Finish renovating my apartment without any tears
  3. Sail around Croatia

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GEORGIE ONLINE: Twitter • Instagram • Trump Models portfolio • Elite Models UK portfolio

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