Achieng Agutu was photographed by Yu Tsai in Mexico.
Achieng Agutu was photographed by Yu Tsai in Mexico. / Yui Tsai/Sports Illustrated

Achieng Agutu

Over the past few years, Kenya native Achieng Agutu has amassed a following of over 750,000 on Instagram alone. Initially, feeling disparaged by the fact that she was the only Black woman in her classes throughout her years of undergraduate and graduate studies, she started making digital content to hype herself up. She would post videos of herself dancing in the morning and, generally, being her own “Hype Woman.” People quickly began voicing their appreciation for her content, allowing her to understand the positive impact she could have.

Since, major brands like Ole Henriksen, Victoria’s Secret and Away have reached out and cultivated partnerships with Agutu. Likewise, she was featured in an issue of Vogue, which named her the “Confidence Queen.”

In the future, Agutu wants to continue to cultivate her motivational platform on social media, but she likewise wants to create an in-person experience, where she can gather like-minded people and speak to her following about confidence.

The 26-year-old is making her debut in the 2024 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.







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