SI Swimsuit Model Ashley Graham Speaks on What Being in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Meant to Her - Swimsuit |

Ashley Graham explains what it meant to her to be included in the issue in 2016. "Being the first ever size 14 model in the pages of Sports Illustrated, that's going to be a much huger stepping stone than just...being a rookie or just being in the pages. It's a woman my size: A woman that has been told she was 'fat', 'not good enough,' 'never going to be an editorial model,' 'never be in the pages of Sports Illustrated.'

And now I'm proving everybody who ever told me that wrong. I think that's just a statement for all the women out there who have felt ugly, who have felt fat, who have felt like they haven't been represented. I'm representing them right now. It's a huge encouragement to myself knowing that I've overcome so many different things and that these women can overcome it as well.

I think that this is yet another huge stepping stone for, for women, my size to just be accepted as a normal average woman."


SI Staff