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Jasmine Sanders On What Makes Her Feel Good and Not Being a Perfectionist

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Jasmine Sanders shares how she started loving her body over the past few years. She talks about how the pressures of society and the modeling world used to influence her self-image, but she is not letting that happen anymore. “I learned to start loving and embracing my body by not being a perfectionist.” Watch this episode of our “Beauty Evolution” series to hear from Jasmine all about how she has learned that she doesn’t need to fit her body into any mold to feel confident—the radiance you see on her photoshoots comes from within.

Beauty Evolution


We determine our beauty, not the eye of the beholder. From an early age, women are judged by their hair, the color of their skin, their clothes, and their bodies. Journey with our SI Swimsuit models as they discuss their beauty evolution, how they came to accept, honor, and embrace their bodies and beauty, and how they are rewriting the narrative on what it means to be powerful, beautiful, and who they are meant to be.