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Watch: Jasmine Sanders and Leyna Bloom Play Cap or Fact in Belize

Do you know the answers?

Earlier this year Jasmine Sanders and Leyna Bloom traveled to Belize together for their respective 2022 SI Swimsuit photo shoots. After some glam time chatting about makeup essentials and a tour of the island, the dynamic duo gave us a glimpse into how much they really know about Belize, a country full of beaches, toucans and some of the best scuba and snorkeling in the world.

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In a game of Cap or Fact, Sanders and Bloom are given statements about the country. The pair then had to decide whether a given statement was fact or totally cap. For example, “Belize is the only Central American country where English is the official language” and “the national animal of Belize is a flamingo.” (One of those statements is cap.) Watch the video to see how many you might know.