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Brenna Huckaby Calls for a More Inclusive ESPYs

The four-time Paralympic gold medalist spoke up on her IG.

Brenna Huckaby is a four-time Paralympic gold medalist, the first Paralympian to be featured in the SI Swimsuit Issue, a cancer survivor and an avid proponent of inclusivity. On the heels of last week’s ESPYs award show broadcast, Huckaby posted a message on her IG story, challenging ESPN and all companies to go even further with their inclusivity efforts. As she commented on her IG, “There is a major difference between looking inclusive and actually being inclusive.”

Huckaby was nominated in the Best Athlete with a Disability, Women’s Sports category along with cross-country skier/cyclist Oksana Masters, swimmer Jessica Long and soccer player Kate Ward. However, Huckaby was not issued an invitation to the event. (Long was the winner of the category.)

Huckaby shared, “My sincere congratulations to all athletes who have been recognized for their amazing achievements this year at the ESPYs, you deserve it!! And yes, it’s super cool to see amazing athletes like Oksana Masters, Nick Mayhugh and Declan Farmer to be invited to attend the #ESPYS and be included in “non-Disability” categories for all their successes!!”

She continued, “I am encouraged by the attention #TitleIX is receiving and grateful for all the courageous women who have helped, and continue to help, pave the way.”

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“But I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted because #WeStillFight…

…to be included in the Paralympics

…for our achievements to matter

…for Diversity & Inclusion to be more than a box that gets checked or some photo opp

…for representation and inclusion where it matters

…for a seat at competitions…at the business table…at the awards shows.”

Specifically, Huckaby called on ESPN to include more diversity in its major categories at the annual event.