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Meet The Swim Team: Jo Giunta

Have you ever dreamed of working at SI Swimsuit? Well, we're giving you the inside scoop on what it takes.

The SI Swimsuit team is made up of seven women (yup, just seven) and we think it is time you got to meet the women behind the magazine. We will be doing a Q&A with six of the seven members of the team in the coming weeks as Senior Editor, Darcie Burroughs is currently on maternity leave.

Next up is Assistant Editor, Jo Giunta, who is next-level funny (she asked me to put this in her article). Jo handles all things fashion (and more) at SI Swimsuit. From bikini pulls, to designer meetings, to custom Burkinis...she does it all.

SI: What is your current job at SI Swimsuit?

JG: I’m the Assistant Editor, but like everyone here at SI Swimsuit, my job includes A LOT more than that. Day-to-day, I handle all the styling for the photo shoots, creating story concepts, building relationships with designers, editing the wardrobe for each shoot and as of late, video editing, creating digital content and handling the SI Swimsuit social platforms. By tomorrow I’ll probably have something new to add to the list... we do it all!

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SI: Where did you go to college and what was your major?

JG: I love this question. I went to Stony Brook University and majored in Journalism for about fifteen minutes until I started working at SI Swimsuit. I decided to put school on hold for my dream job and I got lucky. I don't recommend dropping out of college for a full-time internship, but hey, it worked for me!

SI: Where did you work before SI Swimsuit?

JG: In college, I interned for a fashion PR company called Michele Marie PR and that’s where I learned I wanted to be more on the styling side of the fashion industry. I was so envious of the Editors and Celebrity Stylists that came into the showroom everyday pulling samples, so I knew I needed a switch. Once I saw the opportunity to intern with SI Swim in their fashion closet I jumped on it and it turned into my dream job! Here is where I learned the ins and outs of styling a shoot, pulling samples, building relationships and how to make my boobs look great in a bikini (extremely helpful skill).

SI: What was your interview with SI Swimsuit like?

JG: I’ll never forget it! I wore black jeans even though Alyssa likes to argue I wore leggings (I didn’t, and you shouldn’t either). I came into the office and met with Alyssa & Janine, we talked about my current internship, school, etc. I was so nervous it was really a blackout moment for me, but I must have said something right?

SI: How long have you been at SI Swimsuit?

JG: Eternity? Just Kidding. I’ve been here about 5 years and I’ll probably be here for 20 more. *fingers crossed*

SI: What is the best part of the job?

JG: Getting to travel the world with my friends. I think it’s rare that you get to work with people you truly love every day. Being able to travel to the greatest places on earth with them is such an added bonus. We really are a family here. We have a group chat that we all talk in from seven in the morning to midnight every single day and we get separation anxiety if we do not see each other often enough

SI: What has been your favorite SI Swimsuit location?

JG: Hands down Kangaroo Island, Australia for the 2019 magazine! Any place I can wake up, see kangaroos outside my window, hold wallabies and baby koalas is the place for me. Kangaroo Island is one of the most magical places on the planet and I highly recommend it to everyone.

SI: What is your weirdest memory working at SI Swimsuit?

JG: Nothing will ever top sourcing a 40lb. silicone mermaid tail for Hailey Clauson to wear to the mermaid parade in Brooklyn.  It lived in my apartment for over a month because it was far too heavy to carry back to the office on the subway. 

Haley Clauson by Taylor Ballantyne

Haley Clauson by Taylor Ballantyne

SI: Dream shoot location?

JG: TOKYO!! Specifically shot on the streets of Tokyo. A true urban street-style shoot is my ultimate dream. The styling options would be next level.

SI: Favorite archive SI Swimsuit cover?

JG: The 1985, Paulina Porizkova in Australia cover is forever my favorite. I post it on my Instagram story every once in awhile to remind Paulina I'm obsessed with her.

Brian Lanker/Sports Illustrated

Brian Lanker/Sports Illustrated

SI: What are your travel must-haves?

JG: Honestly, Alyssa. I rarely know when I’m getting picked up, what airport I need to be at, or where I am even going without Alyssa. Luckily, I never have to travel without her.

SI: What are some of your favorite swim brands?

JG: I get asked this question all the time! My go-to top five are AEXAE, Frankies Bikinis, Myra Swim, Hunza G and Andi Bagus.

SI: What advice would you give to someone who would like to work at SI?

JG: You have to HUSTLE and be collaborative. It's really easy to want to work here for the perks, the travel, etc. but you need to want to work here because you want to see this brand succeed. I think everyone here shares one commonality that has been the foundation of their success here and its that we all truly love SI Swimsuit and the impact it has and will continue to have.

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