Sarah Nicole Landry Reveals Motivation for Walking SI Swimsuit Runway at Miami Swim Week

The content creator is working toward a better future with her honest, unfiltered content.
Sarah Nicole Landry
Sarah Nicole Landry / John Parra/Getty Images

For Sarah Nicole Landry, a Canadian digital content creator, walking in the SI Swimsuit runway show at Miami Swim Week was momentous. Not only was it an opportunity for her to flex her self-confidence—and encourage others to do the same—but it was an opportunity to teach her children, in particular, a big lesson about body positivity.

In an Instagram post that she shared on June 6, Landry posted a clip of her youngest daughter watching her take the runway during last weekend’s events—and then spoke to the importance of her children witnessing the milestone career moment. Landry, who was pregnant with her first child at the age of 20, was overcome early in her motherhood journey with feelings of “shame” as she watched her “body change,” she explained on Instagram.

Though, “we can’t fix the society we grew up in” and “the wounds of the magazines and the comments and the constant feeling that we just aren’t ever enough,” what we can do is “to show up now,” she noted. Dismantling industry standards and societal pressure around appearance—and, particularly, postpartum—will trickle down to the next generations. Landry is at the forefront of that process.

“And, we can learn to trust that some media and magazines are doing a lot to be a part of making a difference too (here’s looking at you @si_swimsuit @mj_day🥹🫂),” Landry said. “For anyone who’s gone through body change, I hope this inspires you to keep showing up. I’m so glad I started to. For myself. For my kids. For every single drop that creates a ripple. We get one go at this. Just one.”

Take a look at Landry’s walk down the SI Swimsuit runway—and the incredible swimwear she sported—here.

Martha Zaytoun


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