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Maye Musk Details Her Incredible Modeling Career

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Maye Musk details her incredible modeling career, which has now extends into her 70s.

"So I started modeling at 15. My mother's friend had a modeling school and she gave me free classes, and then she asked me to model. But people say that at 18 you're done. All models are done by 18. I said, that's no problem. I'm going to University and I'll be studying. And I didn't take off University at all. That was weekends and holidays that I could model.

And then it just kept going. And then a 20. A friend of mine took me to a beauty competition and then I won it. And I thought, well, it was my final year at University. I better get down to my studies and get my degree. And I got my degree, but people kept on wanting me to model. That was weird.

But then I got married, had three kids in three years. So when I got divorced at 31 and I moved to a smaller town, I went to go and see the best model agency. And they said, well, we always need an older model. I was the only older model. I would do the early morning, the late evening, and then I could see my patients in the day.

I never thought that I would be walking in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week and all that kind of thing. So then I kept on modeling, The patients were coming to see me. I never told them I was a model until I was in a billboard in Times Square. And then I got all these calls. Maye are you on a billboard in Times Square? Yes, Yes. That's what I do part time. And sometimes I'd bring a magazine and they say, this looks like you. I said yes it's me.. because they didn't give you a name with it.

Who knew that in my late 60s and seventies, I would be booked because I'm Maye Musk and a model."

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