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Ciara Dreamed She’d Be an SI Swimsuit Cover Model When She Was Younger

Turns out the singer/entrepreneur was clairvoyant.

Ciara has always been guided by a central question: “Why not you?” The 2022 SI Swimsuit cover model has turned those three simple yet powerful words into a north star for her millions of followers. She’s created a children’s book and charitable foundation with the same name while continuing to dare to believe in her dreams no matter where they take her.

At SI Swimsuit’s 2022 launch event at the new Hard Rock Hotel in Times Square earlier this year, Camille Kostek asked Ciara an interesting question on the red carpet. “What is it like for you to be amongst so many icons that have been on the cover?” asked Kostek. Ciara revealed that the moment was something she’d been dreaming about for quite a long time.

“It’s really, really incredible because I remember looking at this magazine when I was younger and I remember dreaming and saying, ‘Maybe I could be on the cover one day.

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Maybe that could be me,’” Ciara shared. “And so to see that happen literally like almost 18 years later and to have that vision and to say, ‘Hey, maybe one day I can do this’ and it happens is so powerful. It’s so meaningful. It gives me that energy to just literally not stop. To keep on believing in my dream and my vision and the things that I wanna do.”

The entertainer hasn’t stopped. This summer alone Ciara has launched her own skincare line and dropped a new collection of clothing while continuing to build her empire, The House of LR&C.

So, when doubts inevitably start trickling into your mind, the only question left worth asking is…why not you?