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Here's How Maye Musk Solved Her Health Issues By Changing Her Diet

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Maye Musk explains how she solved her health issues by changing her diet.

"As a dietitian, you follow research work, you don't do fad diets. You have to follow research and it pretty much hasn't changed. It's the basic food groups and eat a variety of foods.

I was obese for 10 years when my fiancé got another model pregnant, moved in next door to me. I was sad and I ate my way through that because I've always had to control my eating habits. I'm not naturally lean. It's hard for me. So that has helped me a lot to be in good health.

You know, when my health started deteriorating with high cholesterol and pain in my back and my knees, I could go on drugs, painkillers and then, of course, cholesterol drugs. Or I could actually change my eating habits and not do any drugs, with all the side effects of drugs. So that's why I eat very carefully."

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